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Technology that doesn’t support and protect you, is worse than useless

If your company’s cyber security environment isn’t ready to handle the newest challenges, your company is exposed to a variety of risks.

Is your cyber security in compliance?

Are you vulnerable to attacks and hacks?

Do tech issues threaten profitability?

How safe are your physical buildings?

Take the next step in your company’s evolution by building a complete cyber security solution with the pros at Stone Keep.

By designing a tailored cyber security platform that fits your unique business, Stone Keep makes it easier for you to stay compliant – and grow successfully. When your technology ecosystem is working seamlessly to support, strengthen, and protect your company, you’ve unlocked the 21st Century secret to long-term, sustainable, profitable growth.

Stone Keep takes the hassle and headache out of cyber security and IT

Cyber Security
Risk Management

Cyber Security
Threat Detection
and Monitoring

Building Security
and Life Safety

System Integration
and Application Architecture

and Response

Ongoing Support

Our mission is to make technology your ally, not an obstacle.

Small – to medium-sized businesses are caught in a conundrum. They rely on technology to perform like a larger company, yet that technology can become a point of vulnerability. Security risks and compliance demands leave you straining to find resources you may not have. It’s a frustrating place to be stuck. Without reliable, secure tech, your company may be in peril.

Stone Keep has helped hundreds of clients over 20 years of service. We are not vendors, but partners, helping create secure, productive technology environments that propel your company forward with efficiency and agility. We understand your reliance on technology, and that’s why we work so hard to perfect your customized solution.

Three simple steps to IT support that help you do more



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Based on your goals and current tech, we’ll craft a custom solution that fits you uniquely.



Our pros will help implement your new IT solution and inject strength into your company.

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Stone Keep helps you build a technological fortress around your company, your people, and your assets. From cyber security assessments and ongoing risk management, to physical security, access control, cameras, and more, we help businesses stay safe.

But we also help you enter tomorrow with confidence. Creating a customized, secure, useful technology environment is one of the most crucial investments your company can make. Talk to us today to learn more about where a new tech solution can take you.